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RE: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

< Just driving home from vacation last week, I pondered how big would a 5,000 foot 
mountain (not overly high) be in my favorite miniatures scale (1"=5ft) 5,000 ft = 
1,000 inches = 83 feet!

A 5,000 foot mountain in minis scale would be 83 feet high!

How's that for perspective?

- Marc >

Let's see, uhhhh, 304.8mm per foot.
25.4mm per inch.
Intresting, to and old school Phil Barker lead pusher anyway.
I use Heroic Greek art as a standard @ 6' tall for the ideal male Figure rather than the more realistic 5'.
Appling this adjustment of about 20%, it looks like ~66 1/2 feet.

Yeah, 5000 feet isn't HUGE at about 1/6th Everest, but it isn't tiny either.
Anybody wanna figure how far a Figure could idealy see from up there?

Oh and not only signal fires and the like (ask Drake) but if you put a limit on teleport that makes it easier to jump to where you can see then mountain tops get even more intresting.

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