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Re: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

Excuse me.


Uhhh, before I got paid to speak French I used to read maps...

I've got Dryfus beat on freak outs though.
Ceptin MINE is 99 1.3m hexes out in my backyard.

Back to that first number is a latatude though.

I'm seriously considering placing Elyntia in Bulgaria between Varna and Burgas.
It's not TOO far off, excepting the "rivers" and THAT subject aint nearly as cut and dry (ha) as it seems.
I've got a nice cave complex around there if'n I recall, and it's also close geographically to Transylvania which could be kinda intresting...
The anarobic Black Sea is awfully neat too.

There could be worse places.

Any other suggestions?

And anybody trying to hand me Cidri better be able to also handle geology, astronomy, climate, etc., etc., etc.
Else if I'm just gonna start digging.
In other words I'm looking for the best location on THIS planet.

I HIGHLY doubt anybody wants to build a planet from scratch.
Who's got the time?
Earth first, and always for rule examples.
Then the microwaveable "Hot-Planets".

Dom 3 huh?
AND I gotta see how badly Will Shorts has trumped me on the Monster Lab.


Much, much, MUCH, too much to do...

USA gets Spain.

< sings >
" he's got, HIGH hopes! he's got... "

Anybody ever divide an inch 256 times?
My best that I know worked was 32, and I'm pretty sure I can get to 64 but scheeze.

Wait a minuet.
What about my hair?
Would128 of them work?

Where's my brush?


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