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RE: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

> The idea that a few high-level characters can give a god/dess a run
> for his/her money seems wrong,
   Here are James M. Wards words on the subject.
David Michael Grouchy II
   I believe the D&D gods are fair game, but usually the referee doesn't go far enough in his presentation of the gods. The gods are much more than a target with large hit points and some cool powers. I don't believe that a player character that's been around twenty years should have a chance aginst a being that's been around 10,000 years. It reminds me of a time I was adventuring with a strong party looking for a red dragon and discovered the dragon had its own community of orcs, trolls, ogres, and other monsters. The dragon had been around for a thousand years and had done something with its life instead of sitting around its cave. It's the same with the D&D gods, who have had worshipers for thousands of years. There is a structure to the lives of gods that make them untouchable by a mere band of tough characters. 
-Jim Ward
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