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(TFT) That's about the size, where you put your eyes...

Oh my goodness!

Did I actually SEE that?

35 undefeated (tied for the record) and 15 wins (record) streak is over!
I say the Dutch, not Deutchland #1!
Wanna play for us NOW Rossi?

I still think the games are all fixed now but it didn't work out this time.
I used to be a ref and have SOME idea what's going on and to throw a red on the coaches kid like that, but ignore a boot to 

the head compleatly, and to add three times the stopage than what actually went down says he tried really hard to give the 

gespacho sippers every chance he could.
They couldn't put it away today though.
I don't recall 1950, but this was better than Brazil in 98 or the '02 cup run.
My heart still ain't all the way back in my chest.
Scheeze, talk about hitting next year with a little momentum!
I STILL remember '84 Hockey (wow! 25 years) and the only thing that might make this #2 is Spains lack of a missle threat.


It seems that Spore ain't as concerned with limb placement as I am.
When is the last time you've run yourself off your feet?
How fast were you going?

Let's consider the idea of a Dragon Running (the Talent, or moving quickly [though not top speed] while likely to be 

Is he a tetrapod or does he rear up and jesus-lizard it? (red-Dragon across lava caldera?)
Let's say he stays on all fours to Running though.
Is he moving along as a horse or is his spine supple more like a cat?
It's the same foot-placement but a heck of a turn diffrence. (HC in CarWars)

Now if he does alternate opposet limbs via front and hind quarters then we have to ask how many gaits like canter or trot 

he has, but there's another common locomotion for tetrapods.
Camels, Elephants and others lift both limbs on the same side, called pacing.

Also, is he plantigrade (sole of foot), digitigrade (fingers/toes) or unguligrade (finger/toe-nails)?

Sayinig the Dragon fills up 4, 7 and so on hexes is a good starting point, but your not gonna convey much of a shared 

visual to your players if you stop there.

So if anyone has TIVO I'd try watching the Confederations Cup Championship game and see how quick these guys can kick a 

ball or otherwise move their feet against opposistion.
There's a reason these guys are saying something on the order of tenths of seconds to react, though setting the whole thing 

to a quarter of a second is about as Harrison Burgenon as calling MA 12.
Not very expressive, much less a good model until you get to Units and Populations.

Let's say your player is at Sweeper, how would you handel a 45 minuet + half?
In other words, how would you structure what the player is "rolling" for and why, not to mention effects of results?
I'm sure there are no "wrong answers" here.

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