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Re: (TFT) Thor

< Some of that depends on who's been writing Thor (and Hulk) recently. >


< TFT has trouble properly portraying that kind of strength.  So does
its decendent GURPS, though it tries.  One of the ways I've seen that
doesn't break the combat and injury side too much is to push STR up to
high-but reasonable and tack on "Feats of superhuman STR/DEX/etc".
This keeps the damage and injury (and stat check) rolls down in the
range the game is meant to handle, while allowing for tank-flipping,
bullet-dodging, and on-the-spot inventions that use physics you have
no knowledge of. >

Any game that tries not to define its Statistics is gonna run into this problem.

What is 1 point of Strength, or any Stat for that matter?
1 MA?

I guess some of that depends on the writers here too...

Bullet-dodging is a seperate matter from tank-flipping.
One is on the ass end of possable, the other plainly not so.
If a GM runs a plainly not so campaign then he has a larger burden to carry to "share the visuals".

As for on the spot invenions, I hand the player a copy of McAullay's 'How Things Work' if they grab Mechenition.
Grey's for Churgion, a Readers Digest First Aid Handbook for First Aid and etc.
I'm trying to write each Tallent as a printable Talent, but easier said than done.

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