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Re: (TFT) Goblin

< It's a bummer Dragon Rage isn't downloadable.>

I suspose.
But we can do better.


Of course the Doors stuff is out the window...

< There was discussion on this list about eight years ago from someone using Dragon Rage as inspiration for LoU style TFT.>

Intresting, I've gotta look this up.

Right now;

< sings >

I'm waiting on the "cable" man...
Twenty-six dollars
In my hand

How many 8 by 10 "hexgrids" to cover the Goblin Map?

Also bear in mind that I intend to support the theory that the Duke's people pushed the native Goblins/Orcs/Aborigionals into the mountains.
They have poor hunting years tied to a Downtime cycle that forces them to raid for food.
I'm replacing the bags of gold (BOG [DMG] @ 55lbs as a unit of encumbrance that is a rough equlivant of a full rucksack) with the actual grain from the fields surounding the villages.
Remember P in Civ?


So the Duke sends the gold to the market towns...

We'll get into this later.

6 hex grids right?

I lost my damn notes...

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