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Re: (TFT) Goblin

Yeah, they already have cell phones with it.

No huhu!


I was actually trying to piss Grouch off at me, though why he would have faith in humanity to begin with is a little beyond me.
You know, a kind of "the glass is half full" thing?

Use the 'Crotchity Old Man' Force Luke!
It's Mike.

Uhhhh, okay...

I've got an idea!

Randm quadratics?
Can't solve for x?
Can't post.

Sorry though.
None of it was well advised.
I'z typeing with the homies after the College World Series and was in a VERY cocky mood.

I still don't think that anybody by themselves can match me for game output and most groups will find themselves hard pressed at the very least.

I've learned LONG ago to take the licks comming too me for shooting off at the mouth.

I promise that if I knew how to produce without all the excess words I'd do it.

Still, occasionally I'm funny and it's a schoosh flattering when the FBI makes a couple o guys sit in a car at the end o the street a couple o times a year.

I apologise if I've offended anybody though.

After all, it really and trully is only a game.

And I'm a dumbass!

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