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FOCUS Droggies, FOCUS!

Says Jay to himself.

Regurdless, spank my scale numbers or buy one of my colapsiable two and a half foot gaming tables.
I wish Jole would handel this but Jay must go where Jay must go.


Will you do the Journal?

Or am I not paying enough attention?

Grouch says (roughly) don't waste my time on whatever D&D is trying to sell me.

You reactionary mo-fos think I'm selling you something when I'm trying to give it away.

If you won't help me survive the Dark Lords attack just because that Jay dude makes me laugh then maybe if my numbers work (Neil says he'll check me if I lie) y'all won't let me starve?

I'm so stupid for trying now, but when?

My timing has NEVER been good, ergo a intrest in the concept.

Help me or hurt me.
MUCH better than ignore me.


Do the same me Droogies!


Don't try to make anybody the next SJ.

Just teach.

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