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It's all John Houston's fault.


I'll bet they dust that one outta the mothballs in a week or so.

I wonder if "I'd" take a break for the List?


Thirty-something years of fanhood bestows certian rights.
Win or loose this one, we've FINALLY got a team worthy of the beautiful game.

"I don't like Soccer".

Fair enough...
I know how to call you uncultured in more languages than I can spell it in.

I got to see some of the National's for Track and Field this weekend.

I think I've got the concept now after getting to watch from a design pov.

Fencing, MMA, Olympics next year...
Who's bright idea was it to jump straight to killing stuff?

The square root of ST 1 is 2.345...

ST 1 moves five and a half pounds at 1 foot per second, or about 2/3rds MPH. (5.5oz [~baseball] @ 16 ft. per second [~11mph])
This can be considered a kind of 'steady state' effort, like walking, that does not expend Fatuge assuming normal Downtime maintinance (eat, sleep, S.S.S., etc.).

A Figures ST * 5.5 lbs. equals their Encumbrance Level.

A Figures Health is represented by a Fitness Level, with level A being Fit, B Healthy, and C Unfit.
This is used as a general assement of the Figures current overall condition.

Unfit Figures expend fST to move more than their body-weight. (sick or incapacitated Figures [Health D] expend fST to move their bodies.)

Healthy Figures can carry 1 Encumbrance Level worth of gear at steady state effort, like walking at an average pace.

Fit Figures can carry 2 Encumbrance Levels worth of gear at steady state effort.

Roughly 3fps to 2mph.

Sprint max speed = 10fps (w/Talent 6fps w/o) + ST in fps + magic, mods, overloads, etc.

-1 fST per die rolled per Action as a 'Rule of Thumb'.

In general, a physical Talent involves the use of Downtime practice to aquire the maximum desired effect/s described via the Talent.

A pTalent involving ST is concerned overall with the force (power) involved in the Action to which the Talent applies.
At the top level for a human with non-mechanical assistance air-resistence is the bug-a-boo that holds things well under 200mph or ~266fps ish as a rule of thumb.

A pTalent concerned with the overall speed of the Action is a DX based (mastery) Talent.
At its fastest we are concerned with 'muscel memory' i.e. execution speed AFTER the decission time required to see and respond.

How quick, (or if) you can remember facts is expertiese(IQ).
At its quickest this is a measure of how quickly a Figure can see and choose from your possable Actions.

A Talent should describe a group of steps used to compleate the Action, with each step being understood within itself.
A baseball pitch serves as an example.
I think we might be better served by allowing Pitching to be a Talent with its point total determined by the number of diffrent Pitching "Skills" or "pitches" that particular Figure has.
Pitching (1) might be "Fastball" only while Pitching (3) might be Fastball,Curve, and Screwball.
A Fastball might have her steps weighted to ST, while a Curve may depend more on a DX "spin", while the unpredictable Screwball may test a dimmer (i.e. slower reaction time) batters IQ.

Things like a 'grunt' or 'yell' (war cry) can serve to overload a max effort beyond 4d at the cost of fST.

Don't forget compound Talents or (more likely) skills.

Have you ever just run outta juice?
Ever been in a confrontational situation when it happend?
Ever SEE it coming but you'z just TOO POOPED to stop it?

Let us count fST and make the injury dependent upon the force we hit with and the tool we used.

Wolfram says
5.5 lb  (pounds)x(1 ft/s  (foot per second))/(0.2 seconds)+0.1 seconds

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