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Re: (TFT) OMG!

< I used to have a square pie pan.

Two plus two is only equal to five for very large values of two. The proof is easy: Two 
point four is equal to 2 when rounded; Two point four plus two point four equals four 
point eight, which rounds to five.

Marty >

Do you work for Intel?


Isn't a square pie a cobbler?


look up 1 + 1 for early micros

If so, I wanna put a LOT of functions on a chip and make THAT a major component.
That'd be the "Jay tries for empire" secnerio.

Jay would rather help someone like himself.
Too weird to breed means a wicked row to hoe for any lasting memory.

If she STILL want's the back of the workhouse in a hundred years, well..., it ment something huh?

It's awfully humbeling and I get why this was a first for SJ with the writers block.
ARE the days of a guy in the garage/attic making something of worth over?
Am I fighting a COMPLEATLY loosing battle?

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