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Re: (TFT) OMG!

If I had a dollar for every match I saw Brazil score 3 goals I could buy Mathmatica.
Full blown.


Still, that 2nd goal by L.D. in the  1st half was VERY pretty.
What a touch!

< I'm not sure what TFT game meaning the square root of 1 is, but all roots of 1 are 1, not 2.anything. >


I won't talk about the dirivative nature of the stat, rather I'd point out that a "Formal System" need only follow its own axioms.
If they don't make corrospondance with what a large sociatal group calls "reality" then the system is likely to be judged of little worth.
Dosn't make it inconsistent.

I've got a vague concept of the imaginary's.

I might half-assed get dimensions too.

The square root of one is 1 for the same reason that dividing by zero is 0.
Your calculator wouldn't work elseif.
Dosn't answer it, just arbertrates it.
Hasn't the computer industry shown the value of an arbetration?
How well did the form factor bit go?

I'll try to be clearer about these ideas.

You'd think it'd be SO simple!

I'm scared to download a game.

Gotta give Dom3 a shot though.

You will tell them all where I've gone?


I've been thinking about how a focus on a particular Stat might work ah la Paper, Rock, Scisors.
Athleate, Artist, Scolar...

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