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(TFT) 3d6

Seeing Kirk's birthday announcement last week reminded me of an email exchange between him and me recently where we discussed the evils of the d20 vs. the virtues of 3d6 as they apply to TFT (and incidentally, to TFQ).

Jay and I recently also discussed this matter, and I have wrestled with it for years. Here is my problem: I agree that d6 work great for damage, but when rolling to hit I can't see any reason to use 3d6 over 1d20. I do understand that the math is "different", but I don't get why it's "better".

In my mind it goes like this:
Merits of 1d20: Easier to tally, 5% increments, "gamey" mechanic of rolling a die commonly associated with RPGs.
Merits of 3d6:  The bell curve

I hear people say, "The Bell Curve is better because it better demonstrates reality" and stuff like that. But how? Why? In what way?

So here is the challlenge, if anyone will champion the case for 3d6: Explain why and how the bell curve works better for TFT than a d20, but do this without ever saying the words "Bell Curve". Give me an example of how the bell curve actually applies to melee combat. And don't tell me "it's better!" unless you can explain to me how and why.

I am trying to find a rationale for keeping the 3d6 mechanic in TFQ, but for the life of me the only reason that I can find to keep it is this: I want old TFTers to be able to use TFQ materials.

Any takers?

Gavin Gossett
The Fantasy Quest
TFQ Games

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