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Re: (TFT) 3d6

My simple answer (being aware of the previous, much more detailed answer): 
Most of the time you know about how well you can do something. 
Most of the time you're not surprised by what you just did. 
The extraordinarily good and the extraordinarily bad should be surprising. 
Your likelihood of being extraordinarily good or extraordinarily bad should be quite different than doing your typical solid job on any given task. 

Here's what such a "life skills" d20 might look like:
70% of the time, as expected
10% of the time, a bit better 
10% of the time, a bit worse
5% of the time, much better (at least automatic hit)
5% of the time, much worse (at best automatic miss)

3d6 does a decent job of representing that philosophy without the need for special dice.
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