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Re: (TFT) 3d6

I prefer multiple dice to single because it gives more weight to the middle values, with extreme values having less and less chance, which means you can predict what will usually happen, but still have some chance for extremes, as opposed to the flat distribution from a single die, where the extreme values are just as likely as the middle ones, but then there is an end value that isn't any less likely than the median. I would argue that that does match reality, as well. Usually, given certain circumstances, result X occurs, though unexpected extremes happen, with decreasing chances of more and more extreme results. You'll notice this is true in mathematical distributions in statistics, physics experiments, etc. It also seems to me more interesting to game, because if the values are designed well, then the circumstances dictate the expected result, with some exceptions, whereas with a flat random chance, the factors tend to be less determining of the results, with some chances happening fairly often just because of the flat die roll. Good example being AdjDX of 14+ you can pretty much expect to hit, but with D20, you'd have a 30% chance to miss at AdjDX 14.

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