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Re: (TFT) 3d6

< Good example being AdjDX of 14+ you can pretty much expect to hit, but with D20, you'd have a 30% chance to miss at AdjDX 14. >

Nice point Peter.

I see no reason at all that a d20 can't be used to randomize.

As sid pointed out about the Lifeskill 20 though, there's not too many ranges that xd6 don't get close too.

D6 can be averaged too.
(old Phil Barker regular troops through averaging cubes, no 6's but no 1's either, mainly 3's and 4's with a 2 and a 5)

Of course there are cards too.

How about the first three digits of the nasdaq and the street?


We can throw pins at a grid but...

What kind of weapon would a d20 in TFT be?

A deck of many things?

D3's are kinda cool.
Yes, no, maybe.

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