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Re: (TFT) How did he do it?

 Jaye,just lucky, I guess...:o)There are a lot of abandoned Medieval
villages near here. Wharram Percy is notable mainly because there was a
long running Archaeological study on the site. Most abandoned villages
are now just crosses on the OS map or the name of a farm. Most medieval
villages are now 21st century villages or towns.I have visited Wharram
Percy, I have an interest in the Railway Station (also abandoned).
There's not much to see apart from the ruined church and the mounds
either side of the main street. The information boards are helpful and
the scenery is attractive.There are various reasons given why villages
were abandoned. The Black Death is often cited, but evidence suggests
that rural areas were generally spared from plague. It was the towns that
fared worst from plague. Some of the Wolds vilages including Wharram
Percy were cleared by the lord of the manor, as he could get a better
return from sheep pasture than he could from peasant farmers. The
Highland clearances weren't just in Scotland.Rowley manor and church
still exist (the manor house is a hotel now) but the inhabitants
emigrated to America and started over in Massachewsetts.The map you
linked to shows Flixton in the Vale of Pickering.This was the last
habitation of English wolves. They survived in the marshes here until
hunted to extinction in the sixteenth century. So your goblins may have
lurked in the wastelands surrounding the Wolds. Or, there are a lot of
ancient earthworks, barrows, cursuses and trackways on the Wolds. They
may have dug lairs in the chalk.Or, on the opposite side (North) of the
Vale of Pickering, there are the Yorkshire Moors. ref American Werewolf
in London. Anything could happen up there.Remember the Alamo!Chris

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  How come I type medieval village maps in google and the first
  decent refrence I pull is


  The site is east of York about 25 miles. It is located just south
  of Wharram le Street.

  Alright Chris!

  The float after the Confi refrence was odd enough.

  I wonder if I could float it via northwest passage?

  Wolds huh?

  Sound like Goblin wouldn't fit there so easy.

  Still, better take a look.

  Chris Nicole

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