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Re: (TFT) How did he do it?

Fantastic refrences Chrise, THANKS!

I'm curious about the old rail stuff too.
It took a civil war here to get everybody on the same page via standard tracks, and I find it intresting that the optimum width turns out to be the same ratio the Romans used for their wheeled vehicles.
You ought to see some of the old logging routes up this way.

More like down from mama England.

45deg lat is more like south France - north Italy I think.

So do you think I can fake the mountains with the Pennin chain?
I know to look for flint in chalk, and yew grown in chalky soils make the best longbows...

Give the humans crossbows and the goblins longbows?

If you think the location will work then my next step is to figure out what kinda resources are in those hills.
The norse got iron outta peat.
That's pretty bad ass to me.

Ever see "The Gods Must Be Crazy"?
If wood is the hardest thing in your enviroment and white dudes show up with firearms it may just be magic.

It's like slapping a medieval TOWN on Ayers Rock.
What are they gonna eat?

Anyway, THANKS for the info!
You must have packed a bakers-dozen advent-ideas into that post!
I've NO IDEA what's drawn so much of my research to your little corner of the world, but it's really neat that you happen to be there to drop some "local flavor" on my textual readings.

I'm STILL waiting on the bloody cable guy to hook up me high-speed conn.
Talk about seriously un-chuffed!
I built another gaming-table based on the square-hexes rather than the perfect hexes from a decade ago in the interm.

What does a squaderon of Flying Martial Wizards look like?

Does FF have a GameBox?

Click now and enjoy a fantastic vacation in the wine country.
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