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(TFT) Melee content in early Space Gamer issues

Back in 1998 there was a posting about Space Gamer issues that had TFT
content. Space Gamer mags seem hard to come by, and I wonder if anyone who
has these would be willing to post summaries of the articles. If it were
Life Magazine, I'm sure we could consult it on microfiche (or whatever that
is stored on these days) from our library.

The full posting is http://tft.brainiac.com/archive/9811/msg00211.html and
I've quoted the articles I'm interested in knowing more about:

Melee: New Weapons by Steve Jackson #13 pg 16
> Hit Probabilities in Melee by Tracy Harms #13 pg 25
> Designer's Notebook by Howard Thompson (Hymenopterans
> in TFT #14 pg 29-30
> Wizard: Designer's Notes by Steve Jackson #15 pg 5-8
> Orcs and Their Weapons by Paul C. Wagner #15 pg 20-21
> Classics Simulated by Glenn L. Williams #16 pg 8-11
> Harmonious Fists in Melee by David James Ritchie #16 pg 12-13
> Demons! Based on Motes in God's Eye #16 pg 16-17
> by Bruce M. Mickelson
> Adjusted Orc Rules (follows from article in #15) by
> Paul C. Wagner #17 pg 14
> More Harmony for Fists in Melee by Ronald Pehr #18 pg 17
> Mounted Melee by Charles A. Lindley #18 pg 21-22
> Letters: Regarding TFT articles #19 pg 29-30
> Reality in Melee by Ronald Pehr #20 pg 23-24

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