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RE: (TFT) Question about dropping your weapons in hth

That is a standard tactic. Especially for low-Dex high-St figures, since you get +4 in hand to hand and so do all your mates attacking into the scrum. And not unreasonable, either, imho. Grappling a Knight to the ground is the only real way a group of peasants could hope to kill him. In a game I'm refereeing the player characters (32-33 points at the time) only survived an encounter with two plate mail and shield 43 point knights by doing exactly what you describe. One grappled the Knight to the ground, which broke his engagement with the pole weapon users, who could immediately back up and charge at +4 to hit.

It's also the only way to break the charge/receive a charge mexican standoff with pole weapons, which admittedly is much less logical, but necessary from a rock/paper/scissors game balance point of view. 

--- On Sat, 7/25/09, Jim Zmrazek <jzmra@hotmail.com> wrote:

> rethink hth combat a bit.  A suicidal dive
> into a heavily armed opponent could be a good tactic. 
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