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(TFT) Do certain actions delay your turn? (regarding adjDX)

So here's something I was wondering, and I didn't really see it in the book.
Turn order goes from highest adjDX to lowest, correct?  I was wondering what
actions will increase or reduce your DX.  So I've thought of a few examples
really quickly, and I'm unsure whether or not to calculate their DX
bonuses/penalties to determine turn order.

1)  Attacking figures in the sides or rear.  I'm pretty sure you will get your
turn sooner in this case.  Same as if an opponent knocks down an adjacent
enemy.  If your turn hasn't come yet, you can attack that figure and go
earlier right?

2)  Missile or thrown weapons at long ranges.  I don't think this one applies,
but I could be wrong.  If you were to throw a weapon 3 hexes, would that lower
your DX by 3?

3)  Special bonuses or talents.  If you have +3 DX for missile weapons, do you
factor that into turn order?  What about if you spend a turn waiting to get +1
DX next turn.  Is that accounted for too?  What about spells that increase
your DX?

4)  Special actions like Aimed Shots or Sweeping Blows.  If you declare you're
taking a sweeping blow, does your turn come at -4 DX?

5)  Fighting with multiple weapons.  If you have the talent, your 2nd strike
is at a lower DX.  Do you attack with both at once, or does your second attack
come later in the round?

Those are all the circumstances I can think of right now.  I don't have the
rules with me now, but I don't remember reading the exceptions to this.  I'm
just kind of getting a grasp on the rules now, and this is the one thing that
I think is most complicated to figure out.

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