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(TFT) Static Adj.DX

I play the "Static AdjDX" way. Armor counts in action sequence, but nothing else. All other DX adjustments are only considered for purposes of the to-hit roll.

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At 22:14 -0400 8/4/09, Jim wrote:
So here's something I was wondering, and I didn't really see it in the book.
Turn order goes from highest adjDX to lowest, correct?

Right. I have played both that action order is re-evaluated dynamically (which I prefer) and that action order is determined at the start of the action phase (based on intended actions) and remains the same through the phase.

1) Attacking figures in the sides or rear. I'm pretty sure you will get your
turn sooner in this case.  Same as if an opponent knocks down an adjacent
enemy.  If your turn hasn't come yet, you can attack that figure and go
earlier right?

Right. Say you were adjDX 10 against the figure while it was standing, then at adjDX 12 your buddy did 8 points and the figure fell in front of you. Your adjDX jumps from 10 to 14, so your "turn to act" has already passed according to the DX count-off. You are entitled to act immediately at that point according to the "dynamic" turn sequence that I like to play under; it's as if you had adjDX 14 to begin with, but "delayed your action" to adjDX 12.

2) Missile or thrown weapons at long ranges. I don't think this one applies, but I could be wrong. If you were to throw a weapon 3 hexes, would that lower
your DX by 3?

For purposes of the to-hit roll, yes, but I play that it does not lower adjDX for purposes of sequence of attack. I could go either way on this, though. I can see arguments both ways.

3) Special bonuses or talents. If you have +3 DX for missile weapons, do you factor that into turn order? What about if you spend a turn waiting to get +1
DX next turn.  Is that accounted for too?  What about spells that increase
your DX?

Yes, for all three. Certainly in the case of bows, practicing allows you to get shots off much quicker, and that seems implicit in the "2 shots per turn" rules as well. In the case of "waiting for an opening" I'd almost be willing to say that you get to shoot first, with the pole weapons, next turn, but that would definitely be a house rule.

4) Special actions like Aimed Shots or Sweeping Blows. If you declare you're
taking a sweeping blow, does your turn come at -4 DX?

I would say yes, but again could go either way on these.

5) Fighting with multiple weapons. If you have the talent, your 2nd strike is at a lower DX. Do you attack with both at once, or does your second attack
come later in the round?

Second attack later in the round, definitely.

Those are all the circumstances I can think of right now. I don't have the rules with me now, but I don't remember reading the exceptions to this. I'm just kind of getting a grasp on the rules now, and this is the one thing that
I think is most complicated to figure out.

Looking over the referee's screen:

Dazzle spells should slow down everyone affected, IMHO. This only matters when the dazzle includes some of the combatants but not others, since the wizard casting just used up his action. Well, OK, two weapons+ thrown dazzle gem would be one other case.

Rope spells should slow down the victim.

Shadow/Fire spells should slow down people inside them.

Invisibility/Blur should slow down people attacking their subject.

Shapeshift to something hard to hit (snake?) should slow down attackers (yeah, as if...)

Related to "knock down" above, if your buddy successfully enters HTH from a front hex for his action and he and the opponent fall in front of you, your adjDX jumps up by 4.

Changing how many Sha-Ken you are throwing changes your adjDX, and therefore when you attack.

Still probably not comprehensive, but enough to get the idea.

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