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Re: (TFT) Static Adj.DX

I agree with Gavin.  

There are enough considerations for the GM already without having to recalculate the to-hit order every round according to terrian, dazed, side and back hex, missile and thrown adjustments, etc, etc.  I prefer to keep it simple.  We roll-off once per session on tie DX scores so, for example, we know who can hit first among all the DX 13 characters.  We don't do that every battle, and it would be even more annoying to do it every round!

The base DX, adjusted for armor and items, is what I use to determine how "quickly" a character can act.  The only exceptions in my book are for pole weapons, persistent mobility adjustments such as underwater fluid dynamics, and timer-based explosions.  The rest of the DX adjustments are made on a to-hit basis behind the screen.  

And it makes sense, because if you're on uneven ground, you're not slower, you are just clumsy.  Your aim is effected, not your speed.  So, to me the test is: "does the problem effect your speed or your aim?"

Good Fortune,

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I play the "Static AdjDX" way.  Armor counts in action sequence, but nothing else.  All other DX adjustments are only considered for purposes of the to-hit roll.

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