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Re: (TFT) What is TFT?

Jay has NOT gone away, as much as some of you'd wish.
Y'all must send somebody to kill the likes of a Jay.
Jay is spending his effort into some kind of presentation of his game tools.
It's stupid to try and make money off rules.
I played with DUCET! and I dare ANYBODY to GM that squirley dude!
Wanna have your well thought out campaign tumble with a question?
Play with the DUCE!
My impression of a lot of reading of this site is that many folks are simplly looking for stories.
There is NOTHING wrong with this aspect of gaming, from the searchers pov.
However, Jay keeps banging his head against the wall of creation.
My thoughts at first were that TFT was a simple system that I could use to "spin off" from.
Nobody on this list can define a point of Strength!
Well "I" can, but that's simplly because I bothered to ask the question.
JESUS! And that's an agnostic calling!
Am I the only idiot that sees how this is important?
I'm starting to think that you people ain't all your cracked up to be...
Says the lonsome looser!
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