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(TFT) What is TFT?

Is TFT a ruleset to be played by the book?
Dogma has it's place.
Chess is played dogmaticaly, as it should be.
Is chess war?
Is a RPG chess?
Is an RPG a game?

From Jay's FaceBook wall.
In men's play, a basketball is 29.5 to 30 in (74.9 to 76.2 cm) in circumference and 20 to 22 oz (567 to 624 g) in weight. 90' court. ~35 foot pounts @ ~40mph at release ~40degrees with error margin of ~0.0025 or ~3" ariving at ~20mph or about twice the velocity of a normal shoot. These are numbers I came up with for a full court shot in basketball several years ago. They just got verified!
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Jay CarlisleI've been putting a LOT of effort into a little web site to try and describe my idea for an RPG based on atletics rather than killing, but Face Book is making me wonder if'n I shouldn't focus on an app...
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What are the proportions of your "Humans"?
If you use the 2 hex jab crap, then they are all gingerbread cut cookies too me.
See the sweet science.

A RPG is about playing make-believe with others IMO and dogmaticaly holding onto "rules" turns the process into a formal system like chess. There's nothing wrong with tactics, but to stick to the rules without flex is to treat the Figures like chess peices, which they do not represent.
Who among you has formalized reality?
Does anybody but me keep track of "records" in their campaigns?

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