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Re: (TFT) Do certain actions delay your turn? (regarding adjDX)

I can't resist chiming in again on this.

We did use dynamic sequencing for things that seemed to actually change the DX of the figure:
Aid spells

We did not adjust sequencing for things that seemed obviously to not change the DX of the figure, but which seem clearly to simply be adjustments to the chance of success of certain actions:
DX adjustments for target difficulty (aiming for the head, attacking someone from the side or rear, height difference).

Again, it seems nearly unmanageable to determine the sequence of actions, especially for a large fight, if every character has multiple times they might act based on every possible DX adjustment. Clem knocks Bob down, so suddenly everyone who could attack Bob needs to be checked to see if they can suddenly now act +4 DX up the action order? Yikes!

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