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Re: (TFT) What is TFT?

TFT ST is not a measure of force, except in the contexts as defined in the rules. If you want to go all analytical and generic and realistic, you'll have to face that humans are more complex than electric engines pulling on a single wire. ST is used for many things in TFT, and an actual body is capable of exerting a range of forces in different ways.

Though, you could have ranges and apply them in certain circumstances. For instance with the encumbrance rules. I still think if you are going this route, GURPS is a more comprehensive and more literal starting place, closer to where you are trying to get. And if you read GURPS Vehicles and get into trying to play games with the numbers there, I expect you to be off our backs for a while. ;-)

>Am I the only idiot that sees how this is important?
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