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Re: (TFT) Breaking TFT

"... If you made a realistic RPG it would be really  
boring  you'd hardly be able to carry any equipment if you wanted to  
be able to explore tunnels or fight, you'd run out of food and water,  
there'd hardly be any epic monsters, and after a couple of fights  
you'd have to limp back home to heal, and likely die of an infection  
on the way."
- Some people feel that way, but many players find enjoyment and 
interest in playable realism (and a few, even in unplayable realism).
That is, realism seems to me more like a sliding scale than an 
absolute, and actually increases my own interest level, while lack
of realism destroys my interest and bores me. A game supposedly about
a subject that doesn't behave like that subject tends to lose my 
interest and become dissatisfying.

"Part of the appeal of Melee/Wizard/TFT was that it stripped down D&D  
(eliminating half the stats and 4/5 of the dice!) and made something  
that was easy and fun to play."
- To me it seems that TFT added many things that D&D didn't have, and
did it in consistent and logical ways that seemed to have consistency
and a fair amount of correspondence to what they represented, which 
was hugely more appealing to me than D&D, which lacked things like 
maps, facing, weapons that could kill people without whittling through
their hitpoints, armor that reduced damage of hits, tactics and 
situations determining outcomes more than power levels, attributes
that had logical effects instead of being mostly irrelevant, etc.
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