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(TFT) TFT, Traveller, Car Wars, Oger and Chainmail

1 MPH is 1.46(rep.) feet per second.

TFT has 1 hex @ 1.3m across, or 4.265+ feet across.
TFT uses 5 second turns.

Traveller uses 1 square @ 1.5m across, or 4.92+ feet across.
Traveller uses 15 second turns.

Car Wars uses a scale of 1" per 15 feet (4.572m) on quarter inch graph. Each quarter inch square is
3.75 feet across.
Car Wars uses 1 second turns broken into 10 1/10th of a second phases.

I use a battle map of 10 1" hexes north to south (hex-side to hex-side) by 8 1" hexes east to west
(hex-vertice to hex-vertice) drawn on 1/4 inch graph paper.

Okay, this is kinda interesting.
15 feet is just a bit over 4.5m which is the deck-height of the Azhanti High Lightning, or 3 T-
squares @ 1.5m across per T-square.
15 feet is also just a bit over three and a half Melee hexes.
So at ~1.5fps per 1 mph I get ~15fps @ 10 mph.
17.5 hexes per Melee turn or 45 squares per Traveller turn (10 deck heights) for every 10 mph of
Ogre went to minatures.
1:285 scale, or 6mm.
This equates to 50m per inch, and is equlivant to the newer zz scale in model railroading. If I recall corectly a hex was 25m across in Ogre... I forget the length of a turn... didn't they
make a Ogre gurps? (that's probably a silly question)
Chainmail used 1 minuet turns @ 1"=30yards or 14 hexes (12 T-sq) per 1" and 12" max footspeed or 14
hexes per Melee turn.
TFT 12 MA (Running) in 1, 5 sec turn on 1.3m hexes is 15.6m per turn or 3.12mps, which is ~2 T-sq or
about 10fps.

In Traveller, the average Figure w/15AP's can run forward 21 T-sq's and walk forward an additional 1 for a total of 22 T-sq's or 33m in 15sec, which is 2.2mps or about one and a half T-sq's or just
under 10fps or about 12 Melee hexes.
A Figure with the 30AP statistic maximum moves 45 T-sq's or 67.5m running a turn at 4.5mps or 3 T-
sq's at about 15fps which is about 3.5 Melee hexes.

35m is about 27 hexes.
Time to run 35 meters (in seconds)
rating            men            women
very good  < 4.80         < 5.30
good            4.80 - 5.09   5.30 - 5.59
average        5.10 - 5.29   5.60 - 5.89
fair               5.30 - 5.60    5.90 - 6.20
poor          > 5.60           > 6.20


These times are from a standing start. (sprinters hit top speed at around 50m) A Figure covering 27 hexes in 5 seconds is in the good catergory by this measure. A Figure that covers 27 hexes in 4.8 seconds (or very good) covers an extra 4% of 27 hexes in the extra 0.2sec that it takes a Figure covering 27 hexes in 5 seconds, this is just over 1 additional
hex covered in 5 seconds or 28 hexes in the same turn.

I have an old Guinness that gives a record motorcycle speed for the '77 Belgian 500-cc Grand Prix of 38min 58.5sec over 87.74 miles or right at 135mph average speed which is just over 236 hexes a Melee

If all the gold produced so far fills a cube 66ft to a side, that cube is about 15.5 hexes across or
13.5 T-squares across (~3724 hexes^3 or ~2460 T-sq's^3)
How big is that treasure you gave the players?

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