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Re: (TFT) Opine y'all

Well this post seems more like the sanity/sobriety/randomness/non-sequitur level I remember.

The arc of the thread starting with weapon weight, via coin weight to a concern about generic spaceship damage rules and therefore the number of ash-hafted halberds that can be layered and stuffed into multi-purpose fuel tanks seems to me classic Jay.

0.1-second phases may be appropriate for a simulation of human reflexes, and reasonable for a computer, but seems slow and cumbersome for human role-players. As a computer game designer though, I am interested in that approach. And for RPG's, I choose GURPS with its one-second turns, 1-yard hexes, and average running speed of 5 yards per second. Though, I tend to add rules for an IQ-based skill called Combat Sense that limits what figures do and how often, and the GURPS books themselves mention in various places (e.g. GURPS Martial Arts) that most real fights consist of long (against a one-second turn scale) periods of opponents doing little or nothing except waiting for a perceived opening.
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