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Re: (TFT) Re: Detail levels

When I ran RPG's as a business in 1990, I used GURPS with extensive house rules that I had mastered, that I was able to translate into a consistent world to interact with through spoken language, a hex map, and imagination. Most of my players never looked at the rules, and some were children, non-role-players, people who had only played a little of some other game system, most of whom had never played combat out on a hex map. They ended up wanting a hex map around most of the time even when there was no combat going on, to aid roleplaying and keep track of where people were as they went around getting up to various hi-jinx and schemes. The rules were very complex and details, but I had mastered them so that I could play them very fast, and also translate anything people said they wanted to do into what it would take, verify they really wanted to do what they said at first, and then play it out. Worked very well. Detail and speed and accessibility. Requires a master GM. 
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