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Re: (TFT) Re: Detail levels

An average human standing at attention has their "Figure" circumscribed by a box 2 feet by 1 foot or 2 square feet or two squares measuring 1/4 inch by half an inch.

This assumes a top down view point.
Viewed face foreward the box circumscribeing the siloute at attention is 12 square feet.

At around 100 weight per 1DP and around 200 weight per space this seems to suggest that 1 point of damage in Car Wars represents destruction of a
roughly 2 foot square cube with a weight of about 200 units.

I should know better than to type this stuff off the top of my head.
I forgot to half the space here, although I'm not yet sure about the weight in Car Wars...

An Oger is about 30 Melee hexes long... maybe 20 hexes wide or 60 hexes in area?

600 hexes in area, I missed a zero.

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