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Re: (TFT) House Rules?

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Subject: RE: (TFT) House Rules?

IMC, I have organized my dragons in "gaggles", "bunches" and "butt-Loads".

Feel free to use these terms in your own campaigns.


Mr G!!!

Good to see ya around, and even nicer to see that I'm not gonna infringe on SOMEBODYS gd copyright... I HATE M$ BLOODY SOFTWARE! I wonder how much it costs to produce a M$-Word page that isn't legaly actionable? What made me think that the key-strokes that I make on a machine that I purchased belonge to me?
I'm just stupid and wasn't misled at ALL huh?
Caviet Emptor BITCH!

If I'm on top and NOMIC it properly then the plebes can "own" NOTHING!

Limit a player enough via NOMIC and the players only option is to eliminate the NOMIC players or be controled/eliminated by them.

What to do... what to do...
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