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Re: (TFT) Rules?

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joey Beutel"
Subject: Re: (TFT) Rules?

I'd actually argue that the "social contract" and problem solving are
far more important, to the exclusion of control and competition as
part of what defines a game.

Control and Competition really only come up if they are part of the
nature of the social contract and problem solving.

Just WOW!
Would but I could voice my thoughts half as well.
VERY interesting to me how often we agree, not to say that where we disagree isn't interesting either.

Thats basically the two opposite extremes of role playing, IMO, and
basically is the reason that RPGs  are fun. With the free reign of the
imagination, groups are capable of defining their own terms of play.
This is why discussing these two sides of RPGs on this email group is
really the main thing- Jay presenting his rules ideas and asking about
applying it to real world physics to get the right answer, with others
asking about ideas for what a group of dragons should be called (the
best example, as recently this group has been dominated by Jay.... not
too many others seem to be reading anymore =(

I am kindda "bloging" the list... but I am trying to work toward a group of adventures that I can present in a standard (free then hopefully cheep) format that is at least vaguely readable instead of a bunch of Jay shorthand and jargon.
I surely hope that folks don't think that I'm trying to CONTROL the list!
That's the Dark Lords job...
As you say;
"Why competition? so that you have two halfs of the puzzle being made at once, and so that the halves contradict each other- solving the puzzle in favor of the side you create is the whole point."
and the Dark Lord can only exist if there are players to oppose.

What controls would you give a Cidri King?
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