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Re: (TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor

Quoting Rick Smith <rsmith@lightspeed.ca>:
  A number of my players have complained over the
years about 'if the enemy rolls a triple damage
you are toast' as a disadvantage to the basic TFT
system.  This provides a sop.  If they are worried
about this, they can fill a rule of 5 enchantment
slot by taking this.

Screw'em. They want to roll 3's, the opposition gets to roll 3's. As it is, it sounds like your item is a little like a bargain-basement charm. If it were me, I'd make'em have to have a +1 or +2 charm (basically) on their armour. That way, it would raise the opponent's to hit by 1 or 2, getting rid of the triple and double damage. But I'd also make them research it. Or I'd have them get all the weapon/armour enchantment they could afford, or maybe stone or iron flesh. Not taking damage in combat costs, and costs big!

If you left it as is, I'd suggest it taking 1ST per turn to use. Not automatic activation or anything like that. But then, I'm an amoral GM who is not particularly on the side of either the party nor the monsters.
Neil Gilmore
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