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(TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor

Hi all,
  I am adding a new magic item to my campaign and
am wondering what would be a fair price for it.
Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

  The item should not be super expensive since 
most of the time it does not do anything, but when
you need it you REALLY need it.  However, I don't 
want it to have a trivial cost since it is really
useful in the long run. My thought is that it 
would cost about $1,200 to $3,000 for a 1 fST / 
turn version with self powering being ten times 

  A number of my players have complained over the
years about 'if the enemy rolls a triple damage 
you are toast' as a disadvantage to the basic TFT
system.  This provides a sop.  If they are worried 
about this, they can fill a rule of 5 enchantment
slot by taking this.

  In general what do you think of the item below?
Do you think your players would use up one of 
their 25 'rule of 5' slots for other things?  Lastly
any ideas on cool ingredients for the item.  (I
am thinking a common ingredient which is a die
used in a gambling game that is loaded.)

Paramount Armor rules by Richard W. Smith (c) 2011

Paramount Armor is a greater magic item enchantment
that prevents enemies from hitting you with double
or triple damages rolls.  (Treat the roll as if an 
auto-hit was rolled instead.)  Additionally, if they 
roll maximum damage, their hit is reduced by 1 point 
on the damage die roll (thus reducing the damage by 1).
(e.g. if an enemy with a cutlass (2d-2) rolls a 12 
for a total of 10 points of damage, it is magically 
turned into a roll of 11 for 9 points of damage.)
This enchantment must be placed on armor or a shield.
Blows that miss the armor completely, are not 
affected.  (e.g. if you have Paramount Leather and 
are hit with double damage in the head, the double
damage takes full effect since leather does not 
protect the head.)

Warm regards, Rick.
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