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Re: (TFT) Jay keeps writing...

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Subject: Re: (TFT) Jay keeps writing...

I also feel that it's easier to find maps with the latitude/longitude grid
than it is to find maps with the MGRS grid.

But if you're making your own world, that's not really an issue is it?

Well yes... but I'm not making my own world currently in the astro-geological (?) sense.
I use Earth for all my examples.
This gives me an easialy accessable objective environment in which to set "adventures". Not only do I not have to bother with distributing my own world map for objective reference, I can also take advantage of known information pertaining to the areas I use as settings like natural resources, pervailing weather patterns, common flora and fauna of the region, and etc. As this information is also objectivly available I can reference it as well rather than having to write it all out in full detail. Modeling the environment before populating it also allows the population, power structures and the like to be "picked up" and placed in a similar type environment in somebody elses gameworld.

10 foot hexes would not only bugger this up somewhat, but also require some
re-working of the Melee rules IMO.

I'm not talking about changing the size of the basic hex, just using the "square hexes" instead of megahexes.
This brings me to your interesting meta-tile tesselation of the plain.
(7-hex and 8-hex meta tiles)
Exactly, with square hexes, it is very easy to drill down from a 10' square map to a melee battlemap.

Yeppers, and it's very visual.
As I'm trying to make Figures like Kings, or the heads of powerful "familys" like the Medici more objectivly playable I've found that I run up against the problem of individual perception of standard units of measure like acres, square miles, and so on.
Different people can have suprisingly different views of a square mile.
Being able to show measures on the map in hexes and/or squares helps clarify this in a simple visual way.

Most of the scales presented by game "maps" are way too large for a players
Figure to actually experience them directly.

Unless they have some sort of "far seeing" capability!

Yes, even something as simple as getting on top of high elevation can allow a Figure to see for miles and miles.

The point here is that at these more general, conceptual, scales I can keep track of things like the "general" growth of a culture on the other side of
a planet from the players w/o having to hammer out every single detail
because there are no players around to hear the tree fall so to speak.

"Here be dragons!"

Hee hee.
Not only can I show how far a Figure can see from the peak of Lonely Mountain but I can also show the area Smaug requires to feed himself. This is information a Figure with the Expert Naturalist Talent would be aware of.

Still, just hammering out my thoughts here helps to give me some sort of
written foundation to "work with" and suggestions are orders of magnatitude
more illuminating for me.
I really do appreciate it.

Glad to help!

Thanks. =====
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