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Re: (TFT) Jay keeps writing...

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I had another reply, but it looks like e-mail choked.

>From: Jay Carlisle 
>I also feel that it's easier to find maps with the latitude/longitude grid 
>than it is to find maps with the MGRS grid.

But if you're making your own world, that's not really an issue is it?

>> You could always make the world 3 times bigger so that the precision level 
>> at 10 digits is 3m.
>> Then you could easily leave it at squares and use 3m (10 ft) "square 
>> hexes."
>> http://home.earthlink.net/~marcgacy/TFT/Hexes_p75inch.pdf
>Hee hee hee.
>It's interesting that you bring this up.
>Because SD-hexes are drawn on the Lat/Long grid they work for any "spherical 
>Of course, you get just the effect you note for the planet relative to 
>I've already got the Moon, Venus, and Mars.

Well, really the size adjustment would most likely occur at the UTM level, not the MGRS subdivision.

>10 foot hexes would not only bugger this up somewhat, but also require some 
>re-working of the Melee rules IMO.

I'm not talking about changing the size of the basic hex, just using the "square hexes" instead of megahexes.

>This brings me to your interesting meta-tile tesselation of the plain. 
>(7-hex and 8-hex meta tiles)
>Now in a situation in which an enemey squads "chit" enters the hex 
>containing a players Figures "chit" it will be helpful to know the "marching 
>order" or "formation" of the "chits" in laying out the potential hth combat 
>from the pov of the players Figure because the chits are going to be broken 
>down into the individual members of the Units involved.

Exactly, with square hexes, it is very easy to drill down from a 10' square map to a melee battlemap.

>Scale is a weird thing.
>Most of the scales presented by game "maps" are way too large for a players 
>Figure to actually experience them directly.

Unless they have some sort of "far seeing" capability!

>The point here is that at these more general, conceptual, scales I can keep 
>track of things like the "general" growth of a culture on the other side of 
>a planet from the players w/o having to hammer out every single detail 
>because there are no players around to hear the tree fall so to speak.

"Here be dragons!"

>Still, just hammering out my thoughts here helps to give me some sort of 
>written foundation to "work with" and suggestions are orders of magnatitude 
>more illuminating for me.
>I really do appreciate it.

Glad to help!

- Marc
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