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Re: (TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor

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Subject: Re: (TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor

Does anybody actually know what 1 point of damage is supposed to mean?

This is like trying to figure out what time it is on the sun.  ;^)

Good point!

However, an objective system could be devised for the Sun.
I seem to recall something about the Sun making a dozen or so revolutions around the galatic center since the "dawn of man".

What I'm concerned with here is what visuals are being communicated between players when a Figure recieves damage.
Is there always blood involved?
In the Spartacus Blood and Sand combats this seems to be the case.
Even when a Figure gets punched with a pommel blood flys.
Is this how most players are visualizing a successful Attack that scores damage?
In my experience I believe this to be true for most players.
This would seem to indicate that I could describe the severity of an injury from a weapon in a range from 1 to 21 points. If I viewed this as the depth of a wound and allow a minimum thickness of Joe Average around 6 inches then I could start to set a depth for a point of damage. Of course this is complicated by a number of issues but wouldn't be impossable I think. If both the player and GM know that 1pt of damage from a sword blade represents a cut about a third of an inch deep against bare flesh the visual is a bit more objective for both players IMO.
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