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RE: (TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor

> Subject: (TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor
> Paramount Armor is a greater magic item enchantment that
> prevents enemies from hitting you with double or triple
> damages rolls. (Treat the roll as if an auto-hit was
> rolled instead.) Additionally, if they roll maximum
> damage, their hit is reduced by 1 point on the damage
> die roll (thus reducing the damage by 1).(e.g. if an
> enemy with a cutlass (2d-2) rolls a 12 for a total of 10
> points of damage, it is magically turned into a roll of
> 11 for 9 points of damage.)This enchantment must be
> placed on armor or a shield.Blows that miss the armor
> completely, are not affected. (e.g. if you have Paramount
> Leather and are hit with double damage in the head, the
> double damage takes full effect since leather does not
> protect the head.)

Translated into TFT by David Michael Grouchy II

Paaramount Armor

cost: 100,000
Note: D
Weeks to Make: 10
ST /day: 300
Cost of ingredients($): 8000
Ingredients required weekly: Heart of a Demigod

Page 9 of Advanced Wizard: Wishes

     Being similar to a wish, in that it can erase a critical hit after it is
rolled, the enchanting wizard faces the same risks as one locked in mental
combat with a demon.  A single failed roll during the 10 weeks of enchanting
means the heart turns into a demon and results in the wizards' death.  If the
wizard is killed, make a second saving roll as a contest of IQ's (subtract 20
from the wizards IQ and save vs the remainder).  If this roll succeeds, the
wizard may be revived (see DEATH). However, if this roll is also failed, the
demon will blast the wizard to ashes, permanently and totally killing him.
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