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Re: (TFT) A Point of Damage

----- Original Message ----- From: Gavin
Subject: (TFT) A Point of Damage

I think of "one point of damage" as being "how bad does it hurt on a scale
of One-to-Ten"? This works for most folks, but then there are Heroes who's
knob goes to Eleven.  And ever tougher guys' knobs go way-higher

I only quantify damage within the scope of the game itself, not compared to real-life. Coincidentally, the game "models" real-life already (abstractly,
but surely enough), so the science is already done _for_ me.

For me, it comes down to this:  "When the smoke has cleared, did it feel
like we just fought a melee?"  That the way I like my TFT!

Well... yes...
But I wonder about the communication...
A flesh wound is just that.
It's a wound that didn't get "inside" and cause damage that can be treated with a good anti-bactierial "herb".
"Internal bleeding" is MUCH worse than a "flesh wound".
Calling all damage something like "Hit Points" seems to be ducking that aspect of the imaginative process to my way of thinking.

How about rethinking the thing and counting points of Fatigue Strength (fST) for the HP thing and allowing that a Figure in poor "shape" is likely gonna tire quickly and not be able to fend off "deadly injury" as easily as a fit Figure could?

I see healing magic as addressing just this issue.

Aren't Heros supposed to be in better shape than Wizards?

There is only so much time in a day and a Wizard must spend "fanny-time" in study for the most part, while a Hero spends much time building and maintaining their fST.
A Wizard can't use a ST Battery for anything but Spells.
A ST Battery won't let them use Running for extra turns for example...

Or am I wrong on this? =====
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