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Re: (TFT) A Point of Damage

On Feb 6, 2011, at 9:14 PM, <Gavin@TheFantasyQuest.com> <Gavin@TheFantasyQuest.com > wrote:

I think of "one point of damage" as being "how bad does it hurt on a scale
of One-to-Ten"?

I second this. In real-life terms, a 1 or 2-hit injury would be a puncture wound from stepping on a nail, the kind of cuts you might get from rolling an 18 while chopping vegetables, a big bruise, twisted ankle, or similar minor but non-negligible injuries. 5 hits would be deep cuts with significant blood loss, broken bones, concussion, the kind of thing that can put someone out of action for a while but isn't life-threatening (unless they're a hobbit or an eight-year-old). Etc.

You can get an idea from the fact that, per the rules, it takes 2 days of rest and medical care to heal 1 hit of damage. I've always assumed that doesn't mean "completely healed" so much as "it doesn't hurt anymore", though. Get stuck by an arrow for 1 hit and 2 days later you're still going to be seeing the mark.

I haven't ever really tried to model the effects of damage in-game (introduces lots of complications that no one particularly wants to keep track of), but that's sort of what I keep in the back of my mind while marking down damage taken on my character sheet...
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