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Re: (TFT) 1 point of 'damage' vs. 1 point of Fatigue

On May 1, 2011, at 2:39 AM, Jay Carlisle wrote:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joey Beutel"
Subject: Re: (TFT) 1 point of 'damage' vs. 1 point of Fatigue

I had the same feeling about this last one... its basically trying to
simplify how 'damage' works in real life down to force, without taking
into account all the things force interacts with in real life.

Thats just not how it works. Even GURPS wouldn't really be able to do
it in the way you (Jay) seem to want to. I think when it comes to
damage its best to just think of it a bit abstractly. I could apply
the same force to the back of the neck and to a fellows abdomen, and
the first might kill him, while the second might hardly bruise him.

Okay, isn't that a major part of the die roll?

I'm saying that if I offer a "town" for players to "adventure" in, I think fairness dictates that I shouldn't just pull additional town guards out of my neathers simplly because a player rolled an unexpected 3 on 3d6 durring play. "Well THAT wasn't set up to happen but how do I get the "party" to the offer for bail money if they aren't captured?" "Guess I'll just throw a half-dozen more at them... maybe everybody in this village is a weapon-master and maybe there's thousands of people living in a place that might not support 10... just roll the dice to please my ideas, no critts thank-you unless they are fails because this next bit is critical to the story I'm making you roll through."

5.5 foot pounds of force seems more than sufficent to break skin or heavely bruise a concentrated area from something like a mace or hammer... I'd call it an inch deep cut against a static target of flesh analogue with a line or point arangement... consult Grey to see if the basic supports have been severed rendering the apperataus useless. Bleeding, nerve points, bone structure... how gory do the players wanna get? I hung an old lady by her guts from a chandlear once in play because of bad dice. I killed all the males in my tribe and made a throne of the man- parts once in play because of bad dice. I'm not sure I wan't to encourage that kindda thing... but these days all the young bucks are into these "forensics" shows and rotnot it seems. Argue with me... let's just get to something as objective as an inch maybe... huh? =====
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I think you misunderstood my point. Its not about not having objective truths... just objective truths that make sense in the context of the game. It can easily be objectively true that there are 10 guards, no more, no less, regardless of what the players do (well, except if they make more guards or get rid of them in some way). By which I mean, a GM should follow the rules at all times, I think, or else it kinda ruins it for the players.

Obviously, the dice should be able to roll anyway, and you shouldn't need to panic.

What I was talking about was the purposelessness of making 1 damage equivalent to a certain number of pounds of force. The players shouldn't even know this stuff (in game, I mean), and so its irrelevant in that way. It also doesn't really line up with how damage works in TFT. Also, as you even mentioned, thedice and stuff determine where you hit and such... so the force pounds end up not being useful anyway, because they'd need to be adjusted based on where you were aiming, where you hit, and how much damage you actually did (let alone if the enemy has Warrior or Veteran).
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