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(TFT) One point of damage, and shared understanding of the game world

> I'd disagree on the idea that one point of damage is too 'subjective.'

I hear you Sir and preach it to me!
I do not mean disrespect, rather I mean too celebrate difference of opinion.

I am nothing, if not preachy, and always willing to celebrate our differences, so here goes.

I think we may have touched on this before, once or twice, and I encourage you to calculate up the foot pounds per sqare inch that are needed to punch through wallboard, if that increases your fun, but it doesn't do it forme.

I am willing to accept one point as a moderately inconsisten, self referential, unit of game world measure.

So, you could describe a wall as being thickly made od wattle and daub, and herefore roughly the equivalent (from a tensile perspective) of modern wallboard.  And your plyers could go to the web, and look up the stuff you mention, and get a sense of the foot pounds involved.

Or I could describe the same wattle and daub wal as requiring 3 dam to poke/punch/kick a hole through, and 11 pts to bust out a 1 hex, man sized opening.

Your way makes reference to a modern equivalent to increase shared understanding, and then potentially allows for  conversion to gamemechanincs in a maner that will lead most players to the same conclusion around game stuff.

My way just uses game stuff from the get go, avoiding the internet search and the calculations, but also losing the foot pound related detail, which you may well like, but strikes me as excess minutia (from a "my game" pespective, naturally "your game" will vary). 

I am reminded of my High School Spanish teacher, who watched me struggle with languages, and counselled me that the problem was that I thought in English and then translated into spanish - I would never gain fluency that way.  Instead, she suggested I just think in spanish directly.  That was something she could do in each of 14 languages, and something I can just barely do in my native English, let alone any other tongue.  

However, I can do it in TFTese, I dont need to cumbersomely translate back and forth to english, my players and I communicate fluently in TFT by thinking in TFT directly, as I outline above.

I think that is how I see your process, Jay.You want to collect up all this data, and build a big old realworld to TFT reference work, like a spnish to english dictionary, that everyone can reference.  I want to jump in and start speaking TFT, and try to think in TFTese along with the players, and hope for the best - the discovery through immersion is part of the fun.  

I can say quatro, and you may define it as equal to four, or I can say quatro and know it is one less than cinco.  They are different, but neiher is wrong.

Now, in no way does that mean I add guards to screw up a brilliant plan by the players, or whatnot, that is a whole different can of railroading inflexibility, 10 guards is 10 guards, nothwithstanding that I describe drywall in game terms, rather than physics equations.

Vive le difference.

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