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(TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

I have a friend who I just managed to hook on TFT (by giving him teasers about the cool new campaign world I'm designing... ha ha...). This afternoon we were out running around, lifting heavy stuff, and generally trying to figure out what our attribute scores would be.

Neither of us train as runners, so according to the rules, we should each have MA 10, aka 13 meters in 5 seconds.

Tests on a makeshift track marked on the sidewalk indicated that each of us can run at least 20 meters (probably more - we only marked out 10 meters...), from a standstill, in 5 seconds. That, of course, represents a full-out sprint and an unarmored figure, on a flat surface, running in a straight line.

So, proposed modification: You can sprint at 150% of your MA, but you must be runnning in a straight line, and you spend 1 fatigue point per 2 turns you sprint (allowing my friend, at ST 8, to run top speed for 1 minute (12 turns) before he is forced to choose between slowing to 10 hexes/turn and falling unconscious).

This gives:
Base MA: 10 (13 m/turn)
Sprinting MA: 15 (19.5 m/turn)
which more or less fits what we got.

Reasonable? Balanced? I'd be interested in hearing other peoples' fixes/thoughts/comments...

- Meg
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