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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

--- Jay_Carlisle@charter.net wrote:
>Item creation?

No, no, no. None of those have anything to do with combat rounds. Even if every round were 50 seconds, or half a second, the length of a combat played out in a TFT game would never have any effect on jobs, item creation, or aging.

>720 Turns per hour is a bit akward I find.

Have you ever played out a TFT combat that was 720 turns long? In the course of most TFT games, I would say that even if a combat did take an hour, it would have almost no effect on play. The healing and looting afterwards takes far longer, and the time that takes is mostly up to GM discretion, so the time of a combat is almost always irrelevant unless it is compared to other local events which are also taking place in TFT turns, where there is no reason to use seconds.

>Now if I've framed things such that the players are up against a deadline 
then this all gets more important the shorter the duration of the timelimit 
the more important these considerations become.
Kindda like a speed run through Death Test.
What are your fewest turns to compleate it? 

But we can already answer how many turns it takes a session to complete Death Test!
When does it ever matter how many real-world seconds it takes?
Of those cases, when are we _really_ dissatisfied by multiplying turns by 5 seconds?
Isn't it only when we are not playing, but sitting around trying to compare the scale to MPH figures, or football moves, or something?
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