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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

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Subject: Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

Hi Peter!

Well yes but isn't that mostly because many GM's don't count time very

No, I think it's because in almost all circumstances, it makes no difference whatsoever, how many seconds something takes, because:

a) Almost all other actions durations are effectively measured in game turns, not minutes or hours, or if they are in minutes, they are really meant to be in blocks of 12 combat turns, if that comes up. Practically every other event is also measured in game turns, not in seconds, so even when accurate timing of events compared to combat matters, it's all on the the same scale of combat turns anyway.

Item creation?

720 Turns per hour is a bit akward I find.

b) Time spent out of combat tends to be in wishy washy blocks that are much more coarsely measured than seconds. Ok, so it took 5 turns or 25 seconds for that fight - now how long does it take to loot the bodies, physick, argue about dividing the loot and what to do next? Way more than the difference caused by any debate about MA per second.

Now if I've framed things such that the players are up against a deadline then this all gets more important the shorter the duration of the timelimit the more important these considerations become.
Kindda like a speed run through Death Test.
What are your fewest turns to compleate it? =====
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