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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

----- Original Message ----- From: "PvK"

When does it ever matter how many real-world seconds it takes?

When I can design a "party" that makes the Death Test run in fewer 5-second
turns than you can.

Jay! No! How many times can I write the same thing and you not get what I'm writing? We can count the number of turns, and the answer will always be the same, no matter how many seconds we say each turn is.

Hi Peter.
I'm not trying to piss you off here.

Let me try this.
I just posted some info on the average number of plays and the average length of a play in american football.
This is a CRT approach and does not represent the extreams well at all.
Let's time a famious long pass.
I count one 5 second Turn for the QB to throw and the best part of a 5 second Turn for the catch moment. That's 2 Turns for a thrown object although the object only takes about 4 seconds of actual flight.
Depending on how you count it of course.
Just because an "average" play takes 5 seconds doesn't mean every play takes so much, or so little.

So, if I come up with a good "party" that gets through each room in 1 or 2 Turns on average rather than 3 or 4 Turns and all else is equal like tunnel travel then my point is still worth thinking about IMO no matter how you count Turns.

And, the answer is always irrelevant, because there are no situations in any of the rooms that call for more than say 12 turns per room in combat, at most, average more like 3-4 turns per battle. Call that 3-4 seconds, or 30-40 seconds, and it makes no difference to practically anything in TFT.

300 - 400 seconds?
300 seconds is only 5 minutes...
3000 isn't even an hour.

To say that the difference betwixt 3 and 30 seconds makes no difference seems odd for an RPG.
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