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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix - and 3 or 30 second turns, what's t he dif?

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From: "Jay Carlisle" <Jay_Carlisle@charter.net>

To say that the difference betwixt 3 and 30 seconds makes no difference 
seems odd for an RPG.


I think the idea is that the level of exactitude where an extra 27 seconds, one way or another, is a key concern, is relatively rare in most campaigns.  Certainly it is in all of mine.

See, lets say that it takes 4 rounds to finish up the combat part of an encounter - Lets say brigands on a byway outside of the local hamlet.  And 10-15 minutes to roll the bodies, split the loot, and decide where to go next, then 15 minutes for fatigue recovery and physicking.  

With 3 second turns, the whole encounter takes about half an hour.
With 30 second turns, on the other hand, it takes about half an hour.

Now, could there be a scenario where a musketeer must duel on the bridge, where the path is but one hex wide, and delay the troop of cardinal's Guards long enough for the Queen's maid to be spirited to safety by dinghy?  Sure.  

And you could determine the travel time for the guardsmen and the distance they need to cover,and the time it takes for the boat to get out of harm's way, and with 5 second rounds calculate that the cardinal's guardsnmust be delayed 17 turns for the flight to safety to work  or using 30 second turns determine that it takes a delay of 3-4 turns, unless the guards can use the new sprinting rules over part of the terrain, in which case they need to be delayed 7 turns.

Or, you can allow the player(s) who stay behind in order to hold off the guards to heroically make their stand, potentially sacrificing their lives and/or freedom, without the break in the action that such calculations would engender, and just give the players an estimate of 5 to 10 turns (as they eye-ball it on the run) while determining the precise number is 7 turns.  By using the self-referential unit of measure - the turn- rather than the second, you can avoid all the calculations.

Now, that second method is the way I would go as the GM, and that level of exactitude has always worked out just fine for our group.  naturally, your group may have different desires with respect to the exactitude of the recording of the passage of time, everyone is different.  I have no interest in telling anyone how they should have fun,  just sharing my view, and my gaming experience, as a difference to celebrate.

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