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(TFT) p.e.d.'s and potions

Okay, sometimes the background radiation throws some interesting info at me.
Apparently it is quite possible that Tiger Woods was using "performance enhancing drugs" (p.e.d.'s) during some of the time that he was dominating the PGA. It seems such speculation has been going on for quite some time but I heard some interesting commentary this morning connecting possible p.e.d. use and his recent injury and swing mechanics troubles. The reasoning follows the chain that Woods used p.e.d.'s to gain power on his swing which required a period of mechanics adjustment to "dial in". The additional power gave him added distance to his swing and added torque on his body, especially his plant knee. As the p.e.d.'s did not increase bone mass like they did muscle mass the increased torque resulted in a series of knee injuries over time requiring him to stop the drugs and requiring another adjustment in swing mechanics leaving him out of the players with injury after shooting +6 over the front nine the other day. Interesting repercussions for overuse of the Increase ST potion I think. although that's a house rule as TFT has no penalties for Increase ST. Tiger would go through seven bears and 14 gargoyles a week though. at max anyway. I guess he wouldn't have to take one on a day off while "juicing" ST potions.

As a matter of fact, the three statistic increasers are a bit odd to consider.
ST and DX last a day while IQ lasts an hour.
ST has no mention of side effects.
DX mentions "unpleasant and unpredictable" side effects if taken "more than a few times a month". IQ states "Taking more than six doses of this in one month is risky; make a 4-die roll against your ST each time you take an extra dose. If you fail the roll, you lose one point from your BASIC IQ."

But the design notes from Wizard say;
"The first thing you have to do, when sitting down to play WIZARD, is create your figure(s). To do so, you have not only the ST and DX from MELEE, but also a third attribute -- IQ. The higher IQ you have, the more spells you can learn and the bigger a list you have to choose from. The higher IQ a spell, the more spectacular it is.
However, IQ is (in my opinion) the least important of the attributes."

Boy that seems to have changed somewhat by the "advanced" stage.

Then there's the material component he hung on it meaning a wizard would require over 300 dead humans a year to have access to +1 IQ for 6 hours per month. If the medical guys got a bad time for dissections I wonder what the wizards would get?

200$ for a brain. really?
How much for the whole human?
Why not buy some breading stock and cut out the middle man?
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