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Re: (TFT) Classics Simulated (The Space Gamer #16, 1978): Melee and Wizard scenarios

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That might be why we have so many disagreements on the numbers you use
for your ideas regarding physics and the biology of those stats... In
my view each point is enough to make a significant, and therefore,
somewhat hard to define difference (if hes st 14, he is significantly
stronger than st 10, but thats a mix of many factors... muscle,
knowledge on application of muscle, etc), while you have a much more
granulated scale, better at being defined.

Very interesting Sir.

The bell curve with dice is a lot like craps.
I try to bear that in mind from a playability standpoint.
If the player feels hot and wants to take the risk...
And the closer you get to the edges of the "bell" the smaller the relative effect... the pro game in the NFL is a game of inches so to speak. I'm not saying 30ST is a hard limit... but there's ogers, and trolls, and giants, and dragons, and..., and Cthulhu, and..., and..., and..., etc. Better to say that a statistic of 30ish is an elite-pro level and at extreem effort (many d-check) can far excell the norms but on average fails unless your hot.
Quality equipment...
High tech...
As long as we have terms to talk about it relative to the real-world that the rules reference for clear communication then I'm starting to approach happy.

I also know there are all sorts of problems from my approach too.

A porsche can get from 0 to 60mph in a Melee turn... =====
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